Liberation – 10ml


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1 Month Supply of Liberation The Remedy.


Liberation the remedy is a powerful and amazing vibrational remedy which is specifically designed to help us manage with the increasing bombardment of information we are all facing, so that we can perform with greater ease and clarity.

At a time when the intensity of daily life and world events are at fever pitch and we need something to give us an edge, Liberation is the tool that throws the junk memories off the ship so we ride high in the water and don’t get swamped by the wave of dissolution as it sweeps over us. In fact, being lighter, it allows us to ride this wave wherever we wish to go.

Designed specifically to deal with the bombardment of reality, the intensity of the experience at the moment, to allow us to do more than cope but to actually fully enjoy the experience.

In other words, Liberation is designed to help us THRIVE!!!

The remedy makes it less overwhelming when dealing with the conceptual, spiritual, karmic, environmental and existential issues we all face because it lightens our load, so we have greater internal resources at our disposal with which to do whatever it is we like to do.

This substance gives you the breathing space and equilibrium to deal with things while shielding you from some of the more extreme environmental fluctuations, while at the same time flushing residual memories from the body – often experiences long forgotten but hunkered down in the subconscious and cellular memory.

This remedy uncouples the memories stored in our bodies from the emotions that lock them there so we feel them once again in a flash and then they are free to exit the body, leaving us stronger and more grounded since that which was bound is bound no more, and the energy that was being used to hold that memory, and the energy of the memory itself, is now free for us to use elsewhere.

This translates into greater focus, less energy loss and greater openness as we are not guarding the wounds anymore, and this allows us to be the person we truly want to be and are – not the person who has been hiding under the covers from all their wounding.

If there was ever a time to give yourself an edge in the face of the storm, it is now, and this is it.


Liberation is an alchemized vibrational essence which is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of:
Shungite; Panch agni; Royal Jelly; the Rasashastric Navaratna (100 cycle) which is comprised of the reacted bhasmas of: Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, White Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Hessonite, Fresh Water Pearl Lapis, Laxuli Himalayan Red, Coral Monoatomic Gold, Monoatomic Silver, & Organic Red Rose Petal; Kunkika Mantra; Light of Jupiter; Protea flower essence; & Reishi
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol as a preservative to extend shelf life, Vibrational Essences (as listed above)
Includes: 1 – 10ml bottle of Liberation. We recommend taking 7 drops a day, or as desired. If used daily, one bottle lasts approximately one month.


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