Liberation – 10ml


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1 Month Supply of Liberation The Remedy.


It’s never too late for a new beginning or a second chance at the life you always wanted to have.

Liberation opens up the future you were always meant to live by clearing the painful memories and emotions of the past.


We cannot have a clear page to write upon if we have not cleaned out the pain of past interactions and this is where liberation steps in.

Liberation allows us to go back to the unfinished emotional business of the past and make peace with it so we may take the gems of wisdom from the experience.   It also and perhaps more importantly lets us throw the old pain and skeletons into the water to truly come to rest.

This in turn frees up a massive amount of energy for new and exciting creative ventures which brings back our joy in existence.

So much of our daily lives is lived in response to what has happened to us in the past, but now liberation lets us re visit these memories in order to make peace with them and truly let them go.

This process of clearing opens up the well of infinite possibilities within us all once we have cleared the debris of the past and this allows  a myriad of new interaction and exciting things to come into being.

Liberation is a masterpiece of alchemical artistry using sacred substances from a range of ancient traditions reworked using newly discovered cutting edge quantum and nano technology to create a substance of astounding beauty and potency yet held in cradle of nourishing substances so the experience of our own life review is a fun journey back to where we truly want to be and  not some endless painful process.



Liberation is an alchemized vibrational essence which is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of:
Shungite; Panch agni; Royal Jelly; the Rasashastric Navaratna (100 cycle) which is comprised of the reacted bhasmas of: Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Emerald, White Topaz, Chrysoberyl, Hessonite, Fresh Water Pearl Lapis, Laxuli Himalayan Red, Coral Monoatomic Gold, Monoatomic Silver, & Organic Red Rose Petal; Kunkika Mantra; Light of Jupiter; Protea flower essence; & Reishi
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol as a preservative to extend shelf life, Vibrational Essences (as listed above)
Includes: 1 – 10ml bottle of Liberation. We recommend taking 7 drops a day, or as desired. If used daily, one bottle lasts approximately one month.


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